Osborne Equine 6 Horse truck

6 Horse “Nose 2 Nose”

This Osborne Equine 6 Horse truck is designed for taking 6 Race Horses. It will be used not only for going to the Race Course for Meetings, but also for exercising the horses along the beach.
The trainer uses many of the beautiful West Australian beaches to train his horses, so needed Osborne Equine to build a truck in which some horses could be exercised, while the rest stood in safety and easily contained in the Truck.

For the body, we will use our 30 MM Equipanel and Aluminum floors with Rubber sealed to allow for easy cleaning and longevity of the product. The walls will have plenty of ventilation and airflow, along with the feed bins built into the chest box.

The Truck used is a Hino, and is more than suitable as the actual TARE weight will be low, due to the strong, yet light materials we build out of. We will update you as the building progresses.

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