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Osborne Equine are horse truck manufacturers committed to building premium quality equine trailers and trucks, customised to suit your specific needs.

Our custom built horse trucks and floats are built with the expertise that comes from 40+ years of experience in the industry as leading automotive body building specialists Osborne Motor Bodies (OMBWA). Our motto “When Quality Counts” is at the heart of our daily routine, and extends to all of our custom-built equine trucks and trailers.

Osborne Equine strive to be the best in the marketplace by using only quality products. This allows us to deliver to you a premium product that is built to last and make the journey for occupants as comfortable as possible. Our customer focused approach ensures you will always feel a part of the process, as we work in partnership with you to build the truck or trailer that best suits your individual needs.

We build all of our trucks with only high quality components and Equipanel flooring.

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As a proudly Australian owned and manufacturing company, we employ locally, and are committed to continuing to serve the Australian market as we have done for over 40 years.

Osborne Equine Horse Motif
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Quality equine trucks mean a safe journey for your horse

At Osborne Equine, we understand horse transport. Our focus is on equine safety and reliable performance with trucks and trailers that are built to last. 

Our sophisticated designs work to reduce your horse’s anxiety with floats that are quiet, smooth and spacious, providing a relaxing experience for you and your horse.

Custom built equine trucks

Osborne Equine are builders of the finest equine transport trucks in Australia. We design and build fully customised trucks to suit your specific tastes and requirements.

We also offer a full upgrade service, refurbishing existing units. We take the time to work with you from start to finish to ensure nothing is missed, producing an end product that embodies the premium quality you’ve come to expect from Osborne Equine.

Osborne Equine Solutions deliver high-end, custom horse trucks for those wanting the very best in safety, style, performance and comfort.

Osborne Equine Horse Motif

Premium quality and design trailers, 100% Australian built from the ground up.

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Custom horse floats

Our prestigious floats are built with the utmost care to give you the result you want. We use premium materials, and our impeccable engineering and quality workmanship are second to none. 

All variations and your personal requirements are discussed in detail prior to commencing your build, ensuring we deliver a product that meets all of your needs, and exceeds all expectations.

Our trailers are made in WA using Australian components and, wherever possible, sourced from local businesses.

Osborne Equine Horse Motif

Our floats are constructed using:

When Quality Counts. Safe and secure transport for your horse in a premium quality, custom built vehicle.

Osborne Equine Horse Motif
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