EquiSwag by Osborne Equine

Introducing the EquiSwag by Osborne Equine

EquiSwag, Sleep Here Osborne equine

Why the EquiSwag?

Swags are synonymous with the Australian culture this is because they go right back to the early settlers when they were exploring the great continent. Also, the whole history of Aussie was explored with our first people ranging throughout the land over many years. It is little wonder camping and exploring are in our blood. this is why we created the EquiSwag by Osborne Equine

An alternative to a camper horse float

Today as Horse owners we are set on getting together with our horses and other like-minded people and set off, but where do you sleep?

We wanted to give our clients options and this is why the Equiswag, by Osborne Equine does just that, able to be fitted to nearly any existing float.
This lightweight camp bed option captures all that Aussie Swag lore, convenient, portable, and price-effective.

Made in Australia!

Made with a truly tough canvas and flywire to give you a good night’s sleep, whether you are competing or exploring.
At Osborne Equine, we build everything here in Perth, Australia, and we hold fast to believing in building locally. This adds to our already stunning range of Horse Floats and Trucks.
Dimensions: From 1.9 Long, between 1-1.2 Metres wide, weighing in at just over 70-80 Kgs.

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Osborne Equine is known for the premium quality of its horse floats. We build with only the best materials (and locally sourced wherever possible) and with our professional craftsmanship, our floats are not only built to last but also for a safe comfortable ride for your horse, with minimal stress.

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