Osborne Equine Horse truck

Planning your next Horse Truck with Osborne Equine

Planning your next horse truck is no small thing, and here at Osborne Equine, we want to ensure you get the truck that suits your needs and wants. Here we discuss how to Plan your Horse truck with Osborne Equine, which is made in Australia

First steps

The first thing we do at Osborne Equine, take into account is what is the main purpose of your horse truck. Are you taking horses daily to a training facility or racecourse. Or are you planning on travelling and competing across the great country of Australia? Secondly how many horses are you wanting to take? Are you wanting to camp for weeks on end, or just the occasional night away?

Size matters

This is important because of the size of the truck you need to use. Having an underpowered truck is not only a pain for you. But it is also for other road users if they are stuck behind you while you crawl up a hill in the low box, (believe me I have done this!.) Just as having a huge Prime mover to just go to the local event is expensive. Once you have worked out how many horses and how far you want to travel. Then we can start to work on a plan together.
And the elephant in the room is budget, building from scratch is exciting, but you have to have a realistic approach to budget.

Osborne Equine have built several trucks

And the success of those builds comes from making a robust plan, as with any project some things can be changed as you go. But having an agreed outcome is the main story of delivering a horse truck that meets your needs, and gives you years of great service.

In our approach, Plan your made in Australia Horse truck with Osborne Equine. Firstly I sit down with you and really capture your vision. Generally, I will ask if you have a truck or trucks you have seen with all the desired aspects that you require, this makes it easier to see your goals. From there we will end you with an overview with a basic outline and any modifications you may want to make.

Getting this right is vital to delivering a horse truck that not only meets your needs but speeds up the building process. It is here where we will submit an estimate to build, and if you agree we will do a scale CAD drawing. And once you sign off, we are into build mode. Depending on the design the length of time we are looking at is 2-5 months. And you will be welcome to drop into Osborne Equine to discuss progress.

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