Osbonre Equine

New 3 HAL delivered for Northern Float Hire

When Andrea from Northern Float hire approached us. Click here (for her website) to build a New 3 HAL for her business. We were excited to be sending floats to a well-established business over East.

We set about building this Australian made float to be used by their clients. It is made to extra height and is a solid workhorse. As with all our builds, we start with locally sourced axles, springs and hubs. Then forming the frame taking care to weld every joint thoroughly. Using the best heavy-duty steel for our axles and frame is paramount to building a strong and safe float.

This Osborne Equine, 3 HAL, Australian for Northern Float hire has a high roof of just over 2.3. It is built to the maximum width giving an inside measurement of just under 2 metres. We built a lockable cupboard in the front and added two rubber skirts to separate the middle bay

We look forward to getting our production schedule on track. And starting to roll out more floats for the rest of the year.

If you’re looking to hire this Australian made Osborne Equine, 3 HAL, Northern Float hire. Be sure to drop them a line.

And you can follow our progress here https://www.facebook.com/OsborneEquineAU

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