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Osborne Equine are Made in Australia

When we established Osborne Equine, we had several aims. Made in Australia was the primary one

Build great horse floats made from the best material that we could source. Building horse floats that last, and are robust. Rugged to withstand some of the harsh conditions that we live in. And coping with mainly backcountry roads, extreme heat, and everyday usage.

The other thing that was on our mind, was how in a time of global uncertainty. How can we contribute to the Australian economy?

We looked at bringing design, manufacturing, and building in house, along with sourcing as many local materials as possible.

Once we established that we could do all the above. We then looked to undertake the certification process to gain the usage of the “Buy Australian Made” logo. To go with Made in Australia Osborne equine

After a rigorous and robust process, we submitted all the necessary forms. We are pleased to report we found the admin staff, very responsive and supportive.  

Not only did we attain the “Owned” status but also the “Made” certification.

We had to prove that we did not fabricate ourselves; along with what we could source from other local providers.

Osborne Equine enjoy supporting the local economy with our Australian built horse floats! There you have it. Made in Australia Osborne equine

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