Osborne Equine

Osborne Equine breathing new life into old Floats

One of the things that we do at Osborne Equine is breathing new life into old Floats. If your float is a well-made and well loved float. However it has a few miles under the belt maybe need of a make-over. Well, that is a challenge we like to do. This float here is a great float with not too many structural issues. We bought it into the Osborne Equine workshop and got to work on it.
Breathing life into old floats and making them like new floats, not only doubles down on the investment that was first made (in this case 20 years ago) but also gives another 20 years of peace of mind travelling.

To breathe life into this one.

Striping it back to the bare bones and removing and treating the rust. Which wasn’t too back, but, as we know that Rust never sleeps!

As you can see from the list below, we had a real deep dive on this float. And I can say that it came looking fab!

Our aim at Osborne Equine

The building of floats like this original Aussie-made float and in 20 years, they will need a bit of TLC, but are worthy of some investment to breathe life into your float.

List of tasks

  • Treat rust, prime and repaint the float in two-pack white inside and outside 
  • Replace damaged divider rail pads   
  • Repair damaged internal side kick panels   
  • Replace damaged flyscreens on the windows       
  • Tee locks with recessed locking Tee locks         
  • Repair tack box     
  • Replace storm door gas stays 
  • Reskin, repair and refit storm door      
  • Remove internal exposed nails and screws 
  • Clean up and test exhaust fan   
  • Replace jockey wheel
  • Replace awning
  • Fabricate and install alloy shelves into the side locker       
  • Acid clean alloy rims 
  • Remove microwave and support brackets   
  • Repair divider rail locks 
  • Replace Perspex front window panel     
  • Check wheel bearings and brakes, service as necessary         

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