Show Jumping Pole trailer built to last

Recently we were approached by one of the local Perth-based pony clubs to replace their aging show jump trailer. In the typical Osborne Equine style, we tend to build as strong and as light as possible.

While the trailer is not needed to go on the road, we still did not shortcut on using Australian-made steel, axles, and rims. Then finished in two-pack paint hardened to take a lifetime of use.

The trailer will cope with 70 Plus showjumping rails along with show jump fill to sit on the deck. Osborne Equine not only builds Horse trucks and Horse floats but all manner of equine-related items. If you are looking for a ShowJumping pole trailer, Horse floats, Horse trucks or other Equine equipment Osborne Equine can do it!

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Show Jumping Pole Trailer for local Perth Based Pony Club