What materials do Osborne Equine, Made in Australia, use to build Horse floats?

We have been busy out and about with attending shows and talking about Osborne Equine Made in Australia floats, talking about why we have started manufacturing in Perth WA, and the benefits of being Made in Australia

The biggest questions we get at shows and events are about our construction methods. You can read more about our 2HAL extended here

So just as a quick introduction we will start at the bottom and work our way up.

Using locally forged Rocker Roller suspension the benefit of this is that it gives the horse a very smooth ride and levels out the bumps in the road.

It could be described as an independent suspension system. Building on a Galvanized frame, this is also treated with two-pack paint, which is very hard, and protects the frame.

On top of the frame of every Osborne Equine Horse float we use Aluminum planking on the floor, this is rated to 3,000 KGs per sq metre. Topped with a rubber matting, gives the horse a very stable and isolated ride.

The walls are very unique, and Osborne Equine uses 20mm Equipanel lining to create a one-piece structure. Adding incredible strength and lightness to the build.

The roof is locally molded and then lined with marine carpet to offer further insulation, quietness, and comfort to the horse float.

Where we can we endeavor to use Australian made products and services in our construction of Horse floats and Equine Trucks, this is very important to us it keeps the country working, and we believe that buying locally gives us a certain amount of accountability in the product offering

We are always looking to build the very best Horse floats that we can, and as Osborne Equine is based in Perth Western Australia, gives a great opportunity to test out our Horse Floats and Trucks

From the hand-made dividers and lined with hi-density foam, adding further long-life to the Float.

Make an appointment any time to discuss Osborne Equine building you an Australian-made horse float.