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Horse Trucks by Osborne Equine

When we set out Osborne Equine here in WA to build horse trucks, we did so with a view to building all our trucks custom-made. So, you the customer come to us with a vision of what you want to build and then we set about building it.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to look at several options and a rough guide on build costs and what options are available for your next Osborne Equine Horse Truck.

Because we can build pretty well any horse truck that you can imagine, we need to understand what is totally important to you.

Decisions, decisions!

A few questions to start with.

  • Are you wanting a brand new truck, or a 2nd hand one? 
  • Do you have an existing truck/cab and chassis? 
  • Have you seen any trucks that you could send us a few pictures of? That gives us an idea of what you are mainly looking for 
  • What kind of budget do you have for the build excluding the cab/chassis?
    • $90-135K
    • $136-160K
    • $160 -190K
    • $191K +

Types of Horse trucks Osborne Equine have built

To date, we have built several different varieties of trucks plus worked on making modifications to many of the local horse trucks here in Perth.

4-5 Horse truck with living accommodation

These trucks (Pictured below) were two different builds inasmuch as one was a cab/chassis built from the rails up and the other came with a large furniture box on the back, which we converted. Both builds are equipped with a modern kitchen, along with bathrooms and sleeping up to 4 people.

For the first truck, we added a slide-out to increase the living space inside. along with generators, fresh and grey water tanks and gas for cooking and water heating. If you want an awning, the time to look into that is at the planning stage, with most trucks we can’t add an awning to bolt on the outside as it will make the truck overwidth, so we incorporate that either on the roof or recessed into the wall.

The price range for these is between $125-220K (depending on whether there is an existing box and floor suitable.)

5 Horse with accommodation
Osborne Equine 5 Horse with Accommodation

This Osborne Equine Racehorse truck or transporter

This truck is still in building at the time of writing (June 2022) but is a very usable design, the client has several race horses that he takes to the beach most days and then up and down the WA state. We have gone for a Nose to Nose design, whereby the horses face each other separated by a storage area. We have a tub tray with heavy-duty rubber flooring. The walls with our 30 mm Equipanel.

This build is approx $95K Plus GST

6 Horse transporter
6 Horse transporter

Smaller 2 Horse with living

In this build, the client purchased a used small furniture truck and we put living in it. We have outfitted this horse truck with bunks, a small kitchen and a bathroom. the truck is self-contained and is a great little set-up. The price range for this is $89-110K depending on some fixtures

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