Osborne Equine Float catalogue

Osborne Equine Float Catalogue

As of April 2022, Osborne Equine Horse Floats is proud to present our current float catalogue

We are very pleased to present this catalogue of our floats. This visual display below will give you a look at the models we have. Of course with Osborne Equine being Australian made, we bring a robust and longevity quality to the horse float market.

We have the standard range of 2 horse Straight Load, 2 Horse Angle Load the 3 Horse Angle Load. We have floats with living and accommodation. these are our 2 HAL and 3 HAL. These Australian made horse floats come with a kitchen sink, bedding and water tanks. We can offer options with the floats including hot/cold water and solar systems. Because we can custom make, we offer a wide range of options. Knowing that getting your horse safely around the great country, we build everything from the ground up. Our Axles and suspension are all manufactured here in Western Australia.

After talking to many of you, we have decided on

5 Horse float variations.

  • 2 Straight load float, (2SL Town & Country) Made to the full width of the Angle load floats, we create a float that has room even for the biggest of horses. The height and bay width can be built to suit your needs.
  • 2 Horse Angle load (2HAL All Rounder) This is built to be the everyday runabout float, made wide enough to fit almost any horse, and height can be predetermined before building commences.
  • 2 Horse Angle load Living (2HAL EXT Showground) is made with overnight camping and a base selection of amenities, i.e. bunks, cold water tank and sink, with the choice to create a list of special features.
  • 3 Horse Angle Load (3HAL Road Train) Made to float 3 horses, this float from Osborne Equine is made with strong and light materials. As with all out horse float builds, we can make the internal height up to 2.5 metres
  • 3 Horse Angle Load Living (3HAL EXT: LongHaul) As with eh 2 HAL living, we can add an array of living options.
Osborne Equine Horse Floats

How to find our more information

We are based in Perth, and our factory is 78 Grey Street Bassendean, if you would like to view one of our floats in the build process, please drop me a line at carl@osborneequine.com.au


And to learn more bout options such as the Equiswag see here https://osborneequine.com.au/equiswag-by-osborne-equine/

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Footnote: Items may change in description or pricing at any time without prior notice.