Osborne Equine 2 HAL

What a beauty! 2 Horse angle load Float

As a new float building company, and a start-up in the Australian market. We wanted to build floats that not only stood the test of time. But also bring back pride in Australian manufacturing. Based here in Perth WA. The reception Osborne Equine have had has been nothing short of stellar!

The building floats that are practical, strong, yet stylish and real head turners are what we set out to achieve.

This float is a 2HAL, with ample space in the front. The client wanted something that would last them the next 30 years. Also, our clients really want a Horse float that is Aussie made. At Osborne Equine we build Horse floats and Horse trucks. That represents the old fashioned ideals of Long lasting, durable and proudly Aussie Made.

This float is a 2 Horse Angle Load.

Has additional space in the front to allow for storage and bags of horse feed. There is a bulkhead divider that separates the front from the back of the float. A small bench, cabinets and kitchen are installed along with 12/240 volt. The client has a large Generator that they will hook up to the float, meaning they will have comfort as well as style.

Tare; 1900

Length 5.2

Width 1990

Listening to our clients is what we want to do. Because we manufacture and build our floats from the ground up. We can work with you, whether it is just a straight 2 horse straight load, through to a gooseneck. We can build everything from 2 SL. through to Campers with all the mod-cons. You can keep up to date on our Facebook page

This last year has presented us with some unique challenges, however, we are committed to sourcing as many of our materials and parts from our fellow Aussie Manufacturers. So you can rest assured that the Axles, suspension, and steel are all Genuine Australian made. And our Made in Australia Certificate is here And the latest news on our website

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